Indent Oilfield Trucking

Dedicated to Making Transportation Efficient & Safe

Indent Oilfield Trucking provides a 24-hour transportation service to the oil and gas industry. Our diverse fleet includes ranges from 3/4 ton - 1-ton hot shot trucks, to tandem and tri-drive winch tractors, to 2 ton - 40-ton pickers, as well as bed trucks and a variety of trailers.

Offering a Diverse Fleet, Services & Advanced Equipment

Indent operates a wide variety of transportation equipment for all conditions. All these units are late models and well maintained in-house by our certified team of mechanics. Indent supplies experienced and knowledgeable drivers to provide a service to our customers in a safe, prompt, and cost-efficient manner.

All of our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and carry industry-standard safety certifications. In addition to individual safety certifications, indent has established the following credentials: COR, WCB, and ISNetworld. All trucks are outfitted with the latest GEOTRAC satellite tracking equipment to ensure on-time deliveries.


Our Commitment

Indent is devoted to our customers. We consider this devotion to be an integral key to our success and realizing that customer satisfaction is what keeps our clients coming back and creating positive referrals. Indent also understands the importance of safety, well-maintained equipment, competitive rates, and customer relations.