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Indent Oilfield Trucking

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After being incorporated in 1985, current owner Bryan Adams began his business journey. Despite only starting with one truck on the road, Bryan’s vision to provide the highest level of service and integrity while keeping traditional family values in mind quickly expanded the company. Over the years there have been ups and downs, but with honesty and dedication Indent continued its growth.

Realizing that people were the integral building blocks needed for growth, the addition of quality staff and instilling family values was the key to success. Indent has proven to be a reliable and pivotal part of the oilfield transportation service in western Canada.

Our Services

Indent Oilfield Trucking

Tandem & Tr- Drive Tractors

Indent Oilfield Trucking

3/4 & 1 Ton Hot Shot Service

Indent Oilfield Trucking

Bed Trucks

Indent Oilfield Trucking

Domestic Hauling

Indent Oilfield Trucking

International Hauling

Indent Oilfield Trucking

Fragile and/or Perishable Freight

Indent Oilfield Trucking

Hazardous Materials

Why Choose Us

Service Driven with Pride

We use state-of-the-art technology in both tracking and equipment to ensure your task can be accomplished in a safe and timely manner.

We Know the Ins and Outs of Transportation and Logistics

With over 30 years of experience in oilfield transportation, our highly trained drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics will do everything in their power to make sure your schedules and shipping needs are met above all else.

Transportation fluctuates constantly. Indent has grown, evolved, and learned to anticipate these changes. We can help create not just a solution but a strategy.

We aren’t Just Another Trucking Outfit; We Are the Solution to Your Transportation Needs

Transportation needs to grow and evolve in ways you might not be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution but a logistical strategy.

Career Opportunities

Indent Oilfield Trucking has years of experience with highly qualified drivers who are the best at what they do. They take pride in their commitment to quality and safety. If you are interested in learning more about this role, apply today!

Indent Oilfield Trucking